Ignite your inner fire with hot yoga

In the absence of light, your mind will instantly be at ease, inhibitions will be melted away by the 39° heat, and your focus will be acute.

Our studio is designed to be a hot sanctuary, dimly lit with glowing white light, warm infrared heat, ambient acoustics, and calming aromas. It's an escape from the frenetic pace of everyday life and designed to give you a unique workout experience while receiving the many benefits of hot yoga.

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Flexible Pricing

Pay per session, pay for for a bundle, simple pricing & no subscriptions.

Pay as you go


/ per class

The most popular method of booking classes here, the ever flexible 'pay as you go' approach gives you the option to book onto a session when you wish, at a time that suits.

(Includes all current classes)

Month by month


/ five session bundle

For those seeking great value & truly want to commit to making giant strides in their development.

Save 10% when you buy five sessions.



Month by month


/ Not recurring :-)

For the true die-hard Yogi, unlimited sessions & downward facing dogs.

What our clients say

We have some incredible clients, here's some of the things they say about us & our studio